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Women Comedians

A Guy I Used to Know Bought Donald Sutherland’s House and Other Misunderstandings in English

A guy a used to know bought Donald Sutherland’s house. From my understanding, he bought it from the owner who bought it from Donald Sutherland. The owner in-between only owned it for a couple of years, and made no changes to it.  The guy I used to know hadn’t met Donald Sutherland, but the many selling points of the home were the adjustments and renovations the famous Hollywood icon had made, including an indoor …Read More

The Punching of V. Stiviano

I just read a post by a male who said that V. Stiviano deserved to be punched in the face.  He proceeded to call her a prostitute, c-word, and a bunch of other names.  What’s with the anger bro?  Go for a run or a swim or jump in the ocean, cool off. I don’t like sucker-punching.  That’s a coward’s move, and V. Stiviano was sucker-punched. Some people might argue …Read More